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Nasty jokes can be a very real reflection of reality; a good beer often will help one see this clearly. Anyone that has ever been to any kind of traffic court on some sort of bogus charges will see this in the following list. Warning: if you don't see the reflection of reality referred to here, you may enjoy the upcoming list of "things not to say to your cellmate" from a prison library computer.

Unusual bytes of nasty jokes wisdom.

Various things not to say
to the judge.....

  • 10. Any chance of you getting me off...?
  • 9. Gosh, your chambers sure do look different with the lights on.
  • 8. So does this mean I don't get the dope back?
  • 7. How about a good spanking in lieu of community service?
  • 6. But your honor, I simply couldn't help it. I always speed when I've been drinking.

  • 5. Ito Ito bonito bonana fana bo bito...fe fi fo fito....
  • 4. But my point is, she's over 18 NOW isn't she?
  • 3. That's him, Your Honor! That's the policeman that took my stash!
  • 2. I got your Penal Code right here!
  • 1. No, no, no, Justice Renquist. Today you're supposed to be wearing the robe WITHOUT the hood.

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