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Dating is often just like a series of nasty jokes played by the opposite sex. Seriously, who the fuck invented dating anyway? What a load of crap it can all be... unless you consider heavy drinking. Hey, maybe there is a logical sequence to it all; first you date, then you marry, and that is really what leads to the heavy drinking. here is some of that funny stuff that just could get you through the day (along with a few cold beers)...

Unusual bytes of nasty jokes wisdom.

Various things not to say
when on a date.....

  • 10. "What was your name again?"
  • 9. "You're a lot cleaner than my last date."
  • 8. "Is that a birthmark?"
  • 7. "I'm not nervous, I'm just a heavy sweater."
  • 6. "Do you want to drive or sit on the handle bars?"

  • 5. "You do have money, right?"
  • 4. "After dinner, we can play Twister."
  • 3. "Duck down, there's my friend!"
  • 2. "You can't order that! It's FIVE bucks!"
  • 1. "Wow, I almost wore that same dress."

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